When Does a Software Developer Become a Senior Software Developer?

Have you been a junior or a mid-level software developer for too long? Do you feel like you want to make a career or jump in your career? Congratulations! You’re lucky to be reading this article because I’m about to reveal the secrets of becoming a senior software developer.

You should also understand that the concept of Senior Software Developer implies that you probably should understand how to solve complex analytical or software problems using various formulas and other things.

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But, before I get started with my advice, I want you to understand the following:


In software development, a senior is not the most super-skilled developer. Having core development skills doesn’t make you a senior. It means that you have more responsibilities than other developers. The management will talk to the development team through you.

Who is a senior software developer?

Knowing many programming languages doesn’t make you a senior developer. A senior developer is that developer who brings an incremental benefit on the table. Knowing the best functional programming techniques in the world doesn’t make you a senior developer if you can’t deliver value to your company. It isn’t just a job title but the ability to bring real digital solutions to a company.

Being a senior software developer in company X doesn’t mean you worth being a senior developer in company X. You become a senior developer when the management trusts and gives you more responsibilities. 

How to Become a Senior Software Developer

Software development is a challenging world. There is so much information in the public domain than one can absorb. The software development paradigm keeps changing. Institutions are providing competent coders after every few months. Most developers are struggling to hold their roles, let alone becoming senior developers. Now, let’s dig into the core skills you need to be a veritable senior software developer.

Team Skills

Many developers overlook this. How you work with your team members matters a lot. Senior developers are cooperative, considerate, and encouraging to their members. Yes, you have the skills but don’t prove yourself to others by not considering their opinions. Senior developers are ever willing to help their members, and they ask for help where they have little know-how. You should be able to get along with your team members to make your work easier. To advance your teamwork skills, here is a guide to emotional intelligence.

Technical Skills 

To many people think that technical skills is all you need to be a developer; they are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, you need technical skills, but that isn’t all you need. You need to invest in understanding why the problem you’re trying to solve exists, why framework exists, and what a given library solves. You need a good understanding of the tools and ideas that benefit the development cycle.

Growth Skills

No one can tell what machine learning will be like in the next five years, not even the machine learning engineers. As a senior developer, you need to learn new skills every day to maintain your career. They ask questions, explore new topics, and speak to other developers often. Learning everything is impossible, spend your time on what you enjoy and what matters most.

Client/Uses Skills

Senior developers are good listeners and advisers. They listen to the clients to understand the problem and advise them accordingly. You also need to be able to explain complex programming concepts in the simplest way possible to clients with little computing know-how. Here is how to do it.

Sales/Interview Skills

You get a senior role because you’re able to communicate and sell yourself to your clients. You should be able to see the needs of your clients and instill confidence in them that you’re the right person for the job. You should be able to perform and deliver your services as promised with no pressure. Here is a guide on how to get started.

Community Skills

As a senior developer, you need to contribute to the community. You can do tech talks, speak in meetups, or write educative articles.


You become a veritable senior software developer by doing challenging things. You keep learning by doing things that are beyond your mind’s comfort level. Finally, trust in yourself and never stop reading and learning.